You are the Best!

Posted by Shawn K:

My name is Shawn K. I was Federally Indicted in July 7, 2014 into a Drug Conspiracy. I was facing a Life without parole if I was convicted of Conspiracy to Drug Traffic because of my prior drug convictions plus was charged with two counts of using a telephone communication device in furthering drug trafficking and was facing 4 years on each of those counts. The public defender told me if I plead guilty to the charges the prosecutor would not use enhancements and I would only get 18 years. And for not being caught with any drugs and had not even been pulled over, that seemed crazy to just take 18yrs. So I hired Jennifer Wirsching and I ended up getting 5 years and she got the judge to recommend drug rehab program in federal prison which will take 18 months off the end of my sentence. So looking like I will do 3yrs when my times starts. She has been able to get my surrender date extended. It is now May 2016 and Im still free.

Thank You Jennifer.

You are the Best!
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