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Posted by client:

Our family has been involved with a federal case and a court appointed U.S. attorney, representing our son. This U.S. attorney happened to also be an employee of the victim in this case. (Seriously!) Our son tried several times to have another attorney appointed to him, one that he felt would not be biased in his representation to the court. His pleads were denied each time! After being found guilty, and insisting his appointed attorney fight the horribly, prejudicial pre-sentencing report, our son went Pro Se. Deciding to fight the sentencing on his own from a holding cell was a better solution to our son, than to continue to trust this court appointed attorney! 

At this point this family was desperate for help, and needed to find someone honest and who would make our son the priority in their representation! It was at this point, Jennifer Wirsching entered our life. Jennifer immediately went right to work, asking for letters from friends and family, awards, accomplishments, a complete history of our son's life. (Something the court appointed attorney NEVER asked or shown interests in knowing.) She wanted to know who our son really was, to represent him well before the sentencing judge. Jennifer answered each phone call and email this family sent her way, promptly, professionally in a dignified and sensitive way! (We weren't use to anything like that from the court appointed U.S. attorney or the attorney we had employed before him.) 

Jennifer represented our son well in the Sentencing Hearing, NOT ONLY saving him from nearly a million dollars in fines, but also SEVERAL YEARS off his sentence! I wish with all my heart that we would have known her much earlier and that Jennifer had been representing our son from the beginning of this nightmare. If that had been the case, I truly believe our son would be with us now.  Our Judicial System is in need of great changes and I am so grateful that I witness some real integrity and honesty with Jennifer Wirsching, at a point where this military retired family had nearly given up hope in this broken arm, of the country we love and in lawyers altogether! Our family is truly grateful for all, Jennifer did with the "wreck" we asked her to salvage! She will be a part of this family prayers for a lifetime.  I would not hesitate to place my life in her hands, not one second of hesitation. Thank you, Jennifer for all you have done for this family in the middle of America, even flying into a snowstorm, from sunny California! Our hearts are indebted to you, a wonderful, highly capable, honest, and compassionate lawyer, Jennifer Wirsching. Many sincere thanks.

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