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Criminal attorney Jennifer Wirsching's experience in criminal law has resulted in numerous dismissals, acquittals, reductions in charges and favorable outcomes for her state court clients. In one case, Ms. Wirsching obtained an acquittal at trial for a minor accused of forcible rape. In another case, Ms. Wirsching negotiated a no jail time, probation only plea for a client accused of 13 felony counts of possession for sale of narcotics, including over one ounce of pure MDMA. Ms. Wirsching has also obtained dismissals of cases based on entrapment defenses and unlawful search and seizure defenses.

Additionally, criminal attorney Wirsching is an expert in marijuana law, both medical and non-medical. In yet another case, Ms. Wirsching negotiated a no jail time probation only outcome for a client charged with cultivating more than 700 marijuana plants. In another case she negotiated a no jail time plea to a wobbler (reducible to a misdemeanor) for a medical marijuana dispensary owner who was charged with possession for sale of over 50 pounds of marijuana. As a criminal attorney, Ms. Wirsching is committed to zealously defending her client's constitutional rights.

Ms. Wirsching prides herself on her thorough investigation of every aspect of each case, and on continual contact with her clients. Criminal attorney Wirsching has an aggressive yet professional approach to every case she handles, and is committed to providing top notch legal service to every client.

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