Attorney Jennifer J. Wirsching graduated Summa Cum Laude and number one in her major from UCLA. She was awarded a Wildman Scholarship grant to attend Southwestern School of Law, where her grade point average earned her a place on the prestigious Southwestern Law School Law Review. Her article arguing for copyrights for fine artists was awarded publication and has been included in legal libraries around the world, including the Library for Peace in Paris, France.



Jennifer Wirsching delivers zealous advocacy for those charged with Federal Crimes across most states and Washington D.C.  Her skills are well known, and other attorneys routinely hire her to consult on their on federal cases. She has achieved amazing results with clients charged by the United States for:
Conspiracy to Distribute, Distribution, Importation, Manufacturing etc.
Drug Cases are one of Ms. Wirsching’s specialties. Her background in marijuana law honed her skills opposing constitutional violations during searches and seizures of narcotics.  These violations must be litigated properly so that illegally seized drugs are suppressed by the court.  
Ms. Wirsching is also renown for her knowledge of the United States Sentencing Guidelines, and how to use them to the advantage of her clients to achieve the best possible results.  Attorneys who don’t know the “ins-and-outs” and most up-to-date case law surrounding these complicated rules simply cannot get the best for their clients.  Many attorneys hire Ms. Wirsching as a consultant on these issues. In one case involving a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years, and nearly 2,000 kilos of marijuana on a jet boat shot out of the water by the coast guard, Ms. Wirsching was able to use her knowledge and skill to get NO INCARCERATION for her client.  See the “Case Results” section for more illustrations of the outstanding outcomes Ms. Wirsching has achieved.
In conspiracy cases with multiple defendants, Ms. Wirsching’s clients are often the person with the best result – which proves that the lawyer speaking and acting for you makes a HUGE difference in the outcome of your case.
Synthetic Marijuana “Spice”
Most attorneys have no experience with the analogue drug act (which makes it a crime to possess or distribute substances, which are not listed as illegal substances, but are deemed to be “close enough” for people to be arrested and charged with federal crimes.) Ms. Wirsching handles these cases across the country, and has the knowledge needed to get positive results, and know which typical “add-on” charges are simply not backed by the law and should be dismissed.  Many prosecutors aren’t as familiar with these types of offenses as Ms. Wirsching is, which puts her at a great advantage in negotiations.
Wire Fraud, Mail Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Embezzlement, Illegal Gambling, etc
Ms. Wirsching has achieved spectacular results in white collar crime cases in some of the most strict courthouses in the country.  She was able to get a high-ranking government official a huge reduction in the recommended sentence in DC.  She has achieved similar results in very conservative courts across the country.  Her oppositions to government proposed additional points in these cases are frequently granted by judges.  For instance, in a case just prior to Ms. Wirsching’s the judge sentenced the other defendant (who had a similar case) to prison term higher than what the government was even asking for, while the same judge then gave Ms. Wirsching exactly what she was asking for, and her client walked out of court on probation.
RICO, Arson, etc.
Ms. Wirsching’s skill in cross-examination have resulted in amazing results in even violent crime cases.  One former client had been convicted of two counts of arson of a major university (Ms. Wirsching did not represent him at trial). Yet her skills cross examining the librarians, university representatives and insurance witnesses resulted in the lowest sentence available under the law, and saved the client over 1 million dollars in restitution. (See the “Client Testimonials” section to read a review of Ms. Wirsching by this client’s mother)
Child Pornography -Receipt, Distribution, Manufacturing, Sexual Abuse
Many attorneys shy away from sex crimes.  Ms. Wirsching is not one of those attorneys.  If your attorney is uncomfortable with the charges you are facing, how can they represent you well?  They can’t.  Yet most of these attorneys will still take these peoples money, even though they haven’t gotten the experience and special skills needed to properly defend sex cases.  Ms. Wirsching routinely gets positive results for her sex offense clients. Again, knowledge of the sentencing guidelines, the actual statutes themselves, and the willingness to actually make sure that photographs the prosecution claim are pornography actually meet the legal definition, set Ms. Wirsching apart from other federal attorneys.
Criminal attorney Jennifer Wirsching's experience in criminal law has resulted in numerous dismissals, acquittals, reductions in charges and favorable outcomes for her state court clients. In one case, Ms. Wirsching obtained an acquittal at trial for a minor accused of forcible rape. In another case, Ms. Wirsching negotiated a no jail time, probation only plea for a client accused of 13 felony counts of possession for sale of narcotics, including over one ounce of pure MDMA. Ms. Wirsching has also obtained dismissals of cases based on entrapment defenses and unlawful search and seizure defenses.
Additionally, criminal attorney Wirsching is an expert in marijuana law, both medical and non-medical. In yet another case, Ms. Wirsching negotiated a no jail time probation only outcome for a client charged with cultivating more than 700 marijuana plants. In another case she negotiated a no jail time plea to a wobbler (reducible to a misdemeanor) for a medical marijuana dispensary owner who was charged with possession for sale of over 50 pounds of marijuana. As a criminal attorney, Ms. Wirsching is committed to zealously defending her client's constitutional rights.
Ms. Wirsching prides herself on her thorough investigation of every aspect of each case, and on continual contact with her clients. Criminal attorney Wirsching has an aggressive yet professional approach to every case she handles, and is committed to providing top notch legal service to every client.
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